We are a group of specialists in skin, fingernails and hair problems.

We Study these diseases from an aesthetic, anatomical and physiological point of view, We see patients that must be hospitalizaed.

We have an excellent first class hospital with excellent modern installations.

The hospital has the most sophisticated new equipment.


Technology for face and body rejuvenation

* Platelet-rich plasma. (PRP) is blood plasma concentrate that is placed directly into the dermis to  nourich and renew skin thus make a healthier and younger looking skin.

*Carboxytherapy. Is the administration of carbon dioxide CO2 which we inyect to the fat cells to disappear CELULITIS by disolving the fibrous tissue that creates this disoder. It is also used for verricose veins and spider veins. 

* Ultra Sound.Ultra Sound. The ultra sound is a micro molecular  that produces heat friction to better the circulation thus betters the linfatic drainage and diminishes aging skin.

1 MHz: Form of issuance: continuous or pulsating beyond ..
3 MHz: Aesthetic or surface.
Phoresis sono: penetration of a product through ultrasonic vibration.

* CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting. Is a quick and painless procedure that cools fat cells and destroys them resulting in 20% fat reduction in the targeted areas of the stomach, abdomen ,arms and other areas. Read more about CoolSculpting in Google.




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